Performance, PiP 2019, Tanz

VACA 35 THEATRE (México):

Vaca 35 Theater Group, we seek encounter, creation, growth, thinking the construction of networks and poetic tools, we believe in the person and the artisanal, we speak from our context and our reality, we start from social transformation and think about theatre as a space for reflection and action in constant movement, we raise honesty and defend it from the creative independence.

In the park. A short dance piece based on the performative practices of Butoh and Body Weather

This short piece is based on letting the bodies of Diana, Maricarmen, Damián, Rafael and myself to be moved by the feeling and impact of the Wiesbaden landscape expecting to generate an atmosphere that result of our dance and thus offering to the audience a transparent view to our spirit and our hearts.

The term and philosophical bases for Body Weather practice were founded in the 1980’s by dancer and choreographer Min Tanaka and have been since then developed by several groups of dancers and choreographers around the world.

Rooted within Butoh dance, Body Weather has been defining itself through a corpus of exercises and practices very characteristic that reveals an open and changing way of develop and think performative investigation.

Body Weather is a comprehensive training and a performative practice that investigates the interaction and intersection of the body and its environment, context, weather. Bodies are not conceived as separate and fix entities, but rather – like the weather- in constant change and transformation, through a complex and infinite system of processes that take place inside and outside the body.

This dance resides in a world full of interactions, relations, constellations, dependences, organization and ecologies. To investigate this reality of changing patterns and forces in game is to investigate the choreography of life by asking ourselves what makes us dance and why.